The Human Spotting Robot

Aaksha Dubey
3 min readNov 12, 2020


“The safety of the people shall be the highest law” — Marcus Tullius

By keeping this quote in our minds, I and my teammates proposed the idea of HSR-01 which aims at securing people, stuck in natural disasters, at the borders, or for guarding them.

HSR-01 is a human detecting robot which detects human with the help of PIR sensors. It is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, Wi-Fi module, mini-Doppler radar sensor. HSR-01 will wander around and whenever it detects the human with the help of the PIR sensor, it will send a notification to the website we have built using the Wi-Fi module. HSR-01 will be used by the Indian military where it will help in the military operations at the local level. The operations include rescue missions during a natural calamity was stuck people need to be saved within less time and more efficiently. It is also used by the Indian military in patrolling the national borders to detect intruders. Moreover, there comes security companies and startups which can use the HSR-01 in maintaining the security of the offices and institutions of their clients.


In the times of rescue operations conducted post-disaster situation, patrolling over national borders or for security reasons is where HSR-01 is useful. It is a robot based on human detection composed of PIR sensors to detect for the same. The human detection robot is used to detect the presence of a human, especially during the rescue regimes after a natural disaster such as an earthquake, landslides, storms, etc. It solves the problem faced by rescue teams failing to find the stuck human within the right time when they can’t reach the desired area. The ultrasonic sensor is used for the detection of obstacles in the way then the robot will make its way through it. PIR sensor is used to detect humans in front of it within 100 degrees. Wi-Fi module is used to send a notification to the user whenever any human is detected. Other things that we’re using are a Mini Doppler radar sensor which consists of DC 4–28V wide voltage that automatically outputs the higher level of TTL signal whenever it senses any motion. To trace out people in rugged and bumpy places HSR-01 is equipped with a four-wheel-drive that provides torque to all its wheels simultaneously. Further, the Wi-Fi module is connected to a website that will show the notifications when the human is detected.


ER- diagram
The website built to receive notifications


  1. The hardware components include DC motor, PIR sensors, frame, ultrasonic sensor, servo motor, Arduino Uno, H bridge (L298N), wifi module (ESP 8266), jumper wire, soldering iron, flox, 9 V generic battery.
  2. The software components include vs- code, CPP used in Arduino and Flask, a web framework built atop Python and WSGI, we have built our back end where we have used MySQL database for rapid development.


HSR-01 is innovatively designed to overcome the obstacle and make it easier for the rescue teams to carry on with their mission. Overall HSR-01 is a safety purpose-designed robot.